As a parent or coach of teen athletes, you just want to help them be their best.

You see the commitment and how much time they invest in their sport and you are committed to helping them reach their highest performance potential possible.

It’s a competitive world out there and athletes are specializing younger and younger. Perhaps you just aren’t sure how to help them perform their best and get an edge over the competition? 

Which protein powders are best for your athlete?  When should they eat before a big race? WHAT should they eat before a big race? What nutrients do they need to focus on?  How does an athlete build muscle mass and stay lean?


Nutrition to the Rescue

How an athlete eats makes a huge difference in performance results achieved in every sport.  Information on nutrition can be confusing and even conflicting at times. 

After spending 30 years in professional sports at various capacities, I know what it takes to thrive as an athlete. Having a competitive advantage is key for any athlete who wants to be the best. Nutrition is often thought of by young athletes as something that merely determines HOW AN ATHLETE LOOKS but it is so much more.  The food your athlete eats impacts their recovery time from hard practices, muscle building potential and leanness, energy production, injury potential and so much more.

Introducing… Fuel Compete Repeat (FCR)

Fuel, Compete, Repeat is a cutting-edge, online nutrition program designed specifically for determined young athletes looking to up their game and gain an edge over the competition.

This interactive program teaches both teen athletes, and their parents, how to use nutrition and other wellness strategies to enhance an athlete’s success in their sport, for both the short term and the long term.

AND NOW Registered Sports Dietitian Approved! Registered Sports Dietitian Rebecca Brundidge joined Fuel, Compete, Repeat to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your athletes nutrition education.  Between my Holistic and Functional Nutrition training and Rebeccas Sports Dietitian background, your athlete is sure to receive a complete and well-rounded program with cutting edge information.


Downloadable Nutrition Training

After working with elite athletes for almost 20 years, I’ve discovered 5 common mistakes that athletes make with their fueling plan.  Click below to discover those mistakes along with 5 solutions to those mistakes so that your athlete in on their A Game with their fueling plan.

Athlete Fueling Assessment

Find out how your athlete’s food plan stacks up! Click below to find out if your athlete makes the podium with their daily fueling plan and what you can do about it if they need a little help.


Quick Nutrition Guide

The Fuel, Compete, Repeat Quick Nutrition Guide is for the parents of youth athletes wanting to learn the basics of eating right for your sport.



  1. Click “PURCHASE” below.
  2. Create and online account after your purchase and read at your own pace.
  3. Begin implementing your new nutrition knowledge.
  4. Get ready for Level 2, the Power 5 Jumpstart!

Learn the basics NOW so that your athlete is sure to be fueling for athletic success in their sport from a young age.

Special Offer $19.95

The Power 5 Jumpstart Package

The 5 essential nutrition trainings every athlete needs in order to make food their number one performance enhancing tool.  



  1. Click “JOIN NOW” below.
  2. Begin the online trainings with workbook and move at your own pace.
  3. Begin implementing your new nutrition knowledge.
  4. Crush your competition and feel your best!

Don’t let poor nutrition prevent your athlete from reaching their
highest athletic potential. 

Special Offer $47

Calling ALL Coaches!

Would you like to bring the gift of nutrition and wellness education to your team?  I’d love to speak with your group.  Email us at to find out about the special programs we offer for teams of 20 or more and parent groups as well.

I’d love to help you make nutrition and wellness your team’s number one performance enhancer.

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