Alternative Modalities

I am diving head first today into the world of “alternative modalities,” or what I like to call getting to the root of the problem.

What I am about to discuss could be contrary to what you currently believe to be true about health and wellness, but I’m on a mission to shift your mindset and show you how to take responsibility for your personal health (if you haven’t already).

The standard health mindset in our country is drastically off. We have to see our health as our number one priority in life, and we have to understand that our lives as we know them will stop abruptly without our health.

Without our health, we have nothing!

So, that being said, making it your number one priority is your first mindset shift. 

Once you have placed a high premium on your health, the second shift in your mindset is that being proactive instead of reactive to your health will get you to the highest level of health you desire.

In sum, the current way of thinking about sickness is outdated and ineffective.

Get Sick > Take Your Medication > Believe You Are All Better > Move On

Of course, this may work on a broken arm and other acute medical situations, but for certain widespread diseases of our time (heart disease, diabetes, GERD, chronic sinusitis, chronic inflammatory conditions, and other afflictions), it’s simply not going to cut it.

Without looking for the root of your affliction, you are simply putting a Band-Aid on it and hoping for the best.

Developing what I call a “Champion’s Mindset for your Health” is imperative to your longevity.

When I say longevity, I am referring not only to living a long life, but also to living a long and OPTIMALLY FUNCTIONING life. A life in which you are active, healthy, happy, connected, and self-sufficient for as long as possible… this is what I seek!

One aspect of my personal longevity plan is using alternative modalities as prevention and treatment for any health issues that arise for my family and for me. I can proudly say that no one in my family is on any kind of medication or recurring OTC medicine of any kind. 

An ABC News article recently reported that “more than one-third of American adults may be using prescription medications that can potentially cause depression or increase the risk of suicide, according to a study published [June 12, 2018] in the Journal of the American Medical Association.” 

YIKES! The side effects alone of prescription medications can get pretty scary these days, so, in an effort to maintain my highest level of health, I focus instead on alternative modalities and, of course, food as my primary medicine. 

Using our food as medicine is imperative! We must return to this way of thinking modeled by our ancestors. 

When you view your food as medicine, instead of as some kind of reward, your entire focus on food changes. You begin to ask yourself, “Is this helping me or harming me?” before putting anything in your mouth. 

However, if you don’t first cherish your health, you will never get to the point at which asking yourself this question is effective. 

FOOD IS MEDICINE! It is my belief, from years of experience and study of food, that you are either enhancing your health with what’s going into your mouth, or taking away from it, decreasing and depleting it.  

Food is NOT just about how you look in a swimsuit. 

Food affects so much more than how your body looks. 

My clients have experienced health transformations that would blow your mind. Years of undiagnosed brain fog disappeared, sinus infections gone, eczema cleared up, mood disorders magically faded… all from food changes! 

To get started on your personal health transformation, here are five tips to start using your food as medicine:

  1. Significantly reduce/eliminate your sugar intake (read the ingredient list of everything you put in your mouth – it’s hiding everywhere).
  2. Choose whole foods over processed ones.
  3. Start making and drinking homemade bone broth. This is easily made in an Instant Pot.  Use high-quality soup bones from grass-fed animals, please.
  4. Increase your greens intake (bok choy, collards, kale). Slightly cooking these will increase your capacity to absorb their nutrients.
  5. Drink at least half your weight in water ounces per day (160 pounds = 80 ounces of water per day).

Stay tuned for more alternative modalities that you can try out to enhance your health.

Remember, having a Champion’s Mindset towards your health is imperative to longevity, and that means PUTTING YOUR HEALTH FIRST.

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