Understanding the Impacts of Inflammation: Emotional Inflammation

With the end of June creeping up on us, we have covered nearly all of the ways that we can control the inflammation levels in our bodies.

Inflammation from the food you eat, the products you slather on your body, and the air you breathe could be robbing you of the health you deserve and crave. In my programs, we attack and reduce inflammation through ALL of these layers.

Only one inflamer remains, and, over the last 10 years, I have personally learned that this one might be the most important – and the one we hear about the least.

Did you know that your emotions can create inflammation?

In particular, I’m referring to stress and any emotions you may have collected over the years that get stored as energy and trapped in your body.

The concept of trapped emotions is a little tricky, so I talked with my Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, LuCinda Miller, to get the lowdown on this phenomenon.

She discussed her modality with me and explained that it is one way to remove these energy blocks that emotions can cause.

Everything in the body has an energetic field, including emotions. Emotions can get trapped if they aren’t processed and dealt with, which can then disrupt the energetic field wherever they are lodged. This disruption creates imbalance in the body and can lead to physical and mental symptoms (e.g., aches and pains, fatigue, rashes, depression, and other ailments).

She explained that emotions are meant to be energy in motion. They are meant to arise within us, create an awareness within us, be experienced, and then be released.

But when we don’t allow ourselves to experience our emotions, they get trapped.

We all have experiences in which we push away emotions or ignore them for one reason or another.

More often than not, we actually don’t deal with an emotion because we are too busy, or it doesn’t feel good. So, we tuck it away and the energy of the emotion gets stuck and lodged in the body.

Our bodies are constantly working to stay in balance. When we process emotions properly, we give our bodies an environment in which to heal. The Emotion Code, from Dr. Bradley Nelson, is one tool that can identify these trapped emotions that create body imbalances.

Reducing your emotional burden/load is imperative to your WHOLE BODY WELLNESS.

Wellness is not just eating right, it’s taking care of the total package… emotional, physical, and mental well-being! We must tend to our mind, body, and spirit in order to reach the health levels we are capable of and to heal.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce your emotional toxic load:

#1 Reduce personal stress

Doing yoga, working out, meditating, dancing, and having hobbies are all great ways to reduce your stress. You must have something you do outside of your work and family life that brings you joy!

Also, take a look at where your stress is coming from, and try to eliminate that stressor.

Unfortunately, we can’t eliminate everything that causes us stress, but we can be present to the ways in which we release stress, like the suggestions above. I personally love to Latin dance, and committing to regular dancing helps me reduce any built-up stress that I may have collected in my body over the course of a week.

#2 Release trapped emotions

There are free guided meditations on YouTube for this; however, much of the time, our emotions are like an iceberg, and we are only present and aware of a small percentage of them, while the rest lies beneath the surface in the subconscious mind.

A practitioner who is trained in uncovering and releasing these trapped emotions is an imperative part of my personal wellness regimen and many of my clients’.

Here are a few free guided meditations you can try:

#3 Live your life with passion and purpose

One of the easiest ways to reduce emotional stress and negative energy is to live a life you love and know your purpose.

Living life with purpose gives you a reason, a motivation to do whatever it is that you do and fill your days with.

For me, my 10 years of suffering from poor health and no answers to my health problems led me to help others who seek optimal health. My struggle actually created my purpose, and I couldn’t love what I do more. 

Living life with purpose gives me the passion I have for my work and helping others. 

The next time you are feeling tired, even after 7-9 hours of good sleep, the next time you have an ache or pain of which you can’t figure out the origin, or the next time you are struggling to overcome sadness, please consider working with someone like LuCinda, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, to help you process and release your emotions. 

We aren’t always aware of the heavy burden and impact that these unprocessed emotions can have inside of our bodies.

Resources to Help Combat Emotional Inflammation

LuCinda Miller

If you feel like trapped emotions are impacting your health, reach out for help and get into action immediately.

My recommended practitioner for emotional work is LuCinda Miller at Synchronicity. 

Call for an appointment today at 303-887-3269 or email lifeinsynchronicity@gmail.com (she can work by phone as well as in person).

The Emotion Code

Check out the book, The Emotion Codeby Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Mood Meter

Check out the Mood Meter App for processing emotions in the Google Play or App Store.

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