Your Health is All You Have!

I love all things that have to do with increasing personal health and wellness!

When we feel our best, we perform our best in life.

When we take care of our body, we have more energy, more consistent mood, and reduced symptoms… we have more to give to the important people in our lives!

I’m probably so passionate about this topic because I know what’s it’s like to struggle with your health.

I dealt with a health crisis at a very early age and would’ve given anything to have the answers to my health dilemma much earlier than I did.

In fact, I spent over 10 years piecing together the puzzle of my health in order to get back to the vitality I experience today.

However, the great thing that came out of my health struggle is that I can now teach YOU how to take care of yourself in a way that we typically aren’t taught growing up.

In today’s post, I am going to give you three MINDSET MUST HAVES to achieve your Highest Health Potential Possible (HHPP).


#1 Seek It!

No one is coming to save you or do this for you!

In order to achieve your HHPP, you need to always be seeking higher health.

This means reading about it and educating yourself on the power of health and how you can take better care of yourself and your family.

You are NOT resigned to the health your parents had or to what you’ve got right now. You really can get in the driver’s seat of your own health and get past anything that gets in your way. I am living proof of that.

Seeking out the health you crave doesn’t mean you obsess over it either.

It simply means that you are open to alternative thoughts, ideas, and actions concerning your health and that you actively look for the answers to your health dilemmas.

#2 Own It!

Once you set out to achieve your HHPP, you may get confronted out in the real world with your new choices.

People confront me regularly about my food choices, my choices in child-rearing, and my “weird ways” of doing things with functional medicine AND… I simply don’t care!

I am on a mission to be the best me I can be and to support my family in that same mission, so why would I care what anyone else thinks of my choices?

You’ve got to be really comfortable taking a stand for your own health and well-being when you do things a little differently than the herd.

Be ready for questions and a few eye rolls here and there. You are now on another level and ready to reach your HHPP, and what others have to say about it is simply unimportant.

#3 Practice It!

Knowing a lot of stuff about health is one thing – putting it all into practice is another.

Creating new systems and rituals around your home and in your daily life is critical to getting the HHPP you desire.

Here are some great wellness practices you can start this week in your home:

Place essential oil diffusers throughout your house.

These oils are not only nice for the smell, but they are actually therapeutic in nature. Lavender is great to calm kids’ hyper energy (although a low-sugar diet takes care of most of that), and citrus oils are great to increase focus and energy. Frankincense and rosemary also help with focus and concentration.

Make at least one meal of the day a family meal where everyone (even the crazy toddler) sits down and eats together.

Research tells us that sharing mealtime is critical to connection and belonging AND that eating family meals leads to healthier food decisions.

Start ingredient reading as a family.

If it has more than 5-7 ingredients in it or anything you can’t pronounce, put it back on the shelf. Make a household pact that you will not purchase foods with more than 5-7 ingredients in them (and I’m being lenient with that number).

Make an agreement to turn off all gadgets (even TVs) 30 minutes to one hour before sleep time.

The light emitted from our electronic gadgets keeps our brains alert and suppresses melatonin (the hormone that controls sleep). It’s very hard to reach your HHPP with sleep deprivation!

Seek it, own it, and practice it!

Over time you will see the fruit of your labor start to flourish and your HHPP start to show up in your daily life.

Don’t take your health for granted! It’s really ALL YOU HAVE. Everything is impacted when you don’t have your health – don’t wait for a health crisis to learn this lesson the hard way.

Take my High-Performance Health Assessment here to get a gauge on your current health status!



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